Benefit Show

The date of the show is TBD due to the Covid-19 lockdown. Rest assured, there will be a show (eventually) and you will be invited if you donate. All of your donations go directly to Matt.

Benefit Show – Date TBD

The benefit show has been postponed. Thank you so much for all of the donations! -Matt

As a thank you for your donation, you’ll get tickets to the show! Please only reserve as many tickets as you plan to use. No need to print your receipt. Just give your name at the door for general admission. Remaining seats (if any) will be available at the door for any donation amount.

Want to donate but don’t want tickets? Click here.

The Matthew Tardy benefit show is postponed until the Fall.

This variety show will feature the amazing talent of Jason Tardy, Michael Miclon, Michael Menes, Fritz Grobe, Showtime Steve, Mark Turcotte, Mary Jane’s School of Dance Competition Team, and maybe even Matt himself!

Come to support Matt as he faces the greatest challenge of his life — Stage 4 Thyroid Cancer.

Want to learn more about Matt’s Cancer Journey? Check out his dark and humorous blog.

Thank you for your support!