Fundraiser FAQ

How long is each program?
The daytime show is about 30 minutes, and if there is time for Q&A afterward, I’m happy to do that.  The evening show is 45-60 minutes

What are the ticket prices for the evening show?
It’s important to keep the ticket cost affordable, so we can get a great turnout. You have a better idea of what the community can afford, but I wouldn’t go any less than $5.  Ticket sales are split 50/50.

How will the show be advertised?
I have poster designs available that you can print out to help advertise. And sending a flyer home with the kids is always very helpful.  I will advertise the show on social media.  The show for the kids during the day tends to be the biggest motivator to get them to come back in the evening.

Is it the same show during the day and the evening?
The shows are different.  I do repeat some of the tricks from the first show, in the evening show, but the kids are usually very happy to see them again. Especially since they have probably gone home and told their parents all about it.:)  I also save some of the bigger stunts to entice the kids to come back.  I’ve had great success with this formula.

Are there any travel costs or additional fees?
There are no additional fees.  I only charge for travel costs if the performance is more than two hours away from Austin, TX.


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